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Marriage in Islam, Importance of Marriage in Islam and Marriage in Pakistan

Importance of Marriage in Islam, Preaching of Marriage in Islam and Marriage in Pakistan: Court marriage and online marriage or online nikah

Marriage in Islam, Importance of Marriage in Islam, and Marriage in Pakistan: These topics are discussed here. Court marriage and online marriage or online nikah is also a rising topic and needed attention.

Marriage has Existed since the Dawn of Time

Historically, marriage has been a social institution dating back as far as mankind itself. 

Marriage in Legal Terms

In legal terms, a matrimonial union is a relationship that is recognized by law or custom, and it entails rights and obligations for the parents and their children. Therefore, marriage has two main functions for human society, namely, it regulates sex relations within society, and it governs the responsibilities of a child within society.

Marriage is Celebrated Differently in Different Cultures

As cultures and ages differ, so do marriage rituals and ceremonies. Regardless of where one marries, these two functions are common. In terms of rights, it implies both the right to engage in sexual activity as permitted and recognized by society, as well as the responsibility parents have to raise their children.


Islamic society recognizes and embraces this institution as the core of human society after purging it of all the evils that had penetrated it.


Islam views Marriage as a Combination of Duties and Responsibilities


Islam views marriage not solely as a sexual union, but rather as a social contract with obligations and responsibilities. As per the Divine Faith, a woman is not an object to be manipulated by man, but rather a highly spiritual, moral being entrusted to him under an obligation to which Allah testifies. The wife’s role is not to provide sensual pleasure to the man alone, but to work closely with him in a way that benefits the family as a whole.

The Quranic Sayings on Marriage

The Holy Qur’an mentions the different purposes of marriage in so many verses: “And of His signs is that He has created wives for you from yourselves that you might find quiet of wind in them, and He put between you love and affection” (Noble Quran 30:21). According to this verse, the female is not inferior to the male in the sense that the former is created from a superior material while the latter is of base origin.

Islam views Marriage as a Union of Souls

Woman and man are both progenies of Adam and thus possess the same soul. As a result, marriage is the union of two souls, one in essence, according to the Holy Qur’an. Marriage brings them close to each other emotionally, physically, and mentally and changes their separate existence into a natural state.

Islamic view of marriage combines spirituality and morality

It is the fate of man and woman to share the grace of life, and unless there is a very close and intimate relationship between them, they cannot fully enjoy it. “He is Who created you from a single soul, and of the same did He make his spouse, that he might find comfort in her” (Noble Quran 7:189)). The word “comfort” implies so much more than mere sexual satisfaction. In Islam, the whole conception of the marriage relationship is charged with spiritual and moral ideas, and must therefore elevate the status of marriage in the individual and social spheres.

Islam encourages its followers to marry

In Islam, the union of sexes has been purified and the joy of the marriage relationship is protected by the ban on extra-marriage relationships. Islam and the Holy Qur’an urge their followers to marry since it is the most effective method of living a virtuous life free from immorality and inhibition. According to the Holy Qur’an: “They (your wives) are as a garment to you, and you are as a garment to them” (Noble Quran 2:187). This beautiful description of the relationship between husband and wife can’t be surpassed. Here is the most accurate description of the two. The husband and wife are for mutual support, mutual comfort, and mutual protection, and fit into each other as garments fit into each other.

Types of Marriages in Islam

There are four different types of marriages in Islam


Nikah is the Islamic term for marriage. It is a contract between a man and a woman, in which the husband agrees to provide for the wife and the wife agrees to obey her husband. This type of marriage is considered to be the most ideal in Islam.

Nikah Mut’ah

Nikah mut‘ah is a temporary marriage that can be ended by either party at any time. It is often used by Muslim men who are traveling and want to have companionship while they are away from home.

Nikah Misyar

Nikah misyar is a type of marriage where the couple does not live together. The husband usually provides financial support for the wife, but she does not have any rights over his property or income. This type of marriage is often used by Muslims who live in countries where Islamic law does not allow them to marry according to their beliefs.

Nikah Urfi

Nikah Urfi is a secret marriage that is not registered with the government. This type of marriage was common in the past when Muslims were living under the non-Muslim rule and could not openly practice their religion.

Importance of Marriage Islam

Islam places a great deal of importance on marriage and the responsibilities that come with it. Muslims are expected to be faithful to their spouses, provide for their families, and protect their rights. In return, spouses are supposed to love and respect one another. While marriages in Islam are not perfect, they are still considered sacred bonds that should be respected.

Rights and Responsibilities in Marriage in Islam

In Islam, both husbands and wives have rights and responsibilities. The husband is responsible for the financial well-being of the family, while the wife is responsible for the household. Both husband and wife are expected to be faithful to one another, and both have a responsibility to raise their children according to Islamic teachings.

Husbands and wives also have a shared responsibility to maintain a harmonious and loving relationship. In Islam, marriage is not simply a contract between two people; it is a sacred bond that should be filled with love, compassion, and understanding.

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